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Our Departments

Project Management and Consultancy

​To increase the chances for a successful and profitable project, we at JK Techno-Trade offering our clients with a full consultancy and escort services.

our expert's full projects analysis will inspect all projects aspects both from the technical side and the commercial side. 

Before starting the operation, during the project and after completion. 

right after the decision to start work has been taken, a professional operation must be take place under the most strict supervision and inspection. 

Even after handling over the project "keys" to its owner, JK Techno-Trade is your best alley for any question, inquiry, problems and consult. 

we know that the work can very dynamical and changes are happening in a short time, we are offering all our clients our 24/7 all over the world service and consultancy department. 

let us deal with the trading part and clear your mind to deal only with your operation.

Sectors of Management and Consultancy:

* Due Diligence

A comprehensive legal due diligence to check the project history and legal aspect and to avoid any late problems which can easily be discovered up front. 

* Site survey and feasibility study 

All of our clients projects are carefully examine by our experts, a feasibility study report is been written and delivered to our clients for them to understand and evaluate their project's advantages and disadvantages and the existing risks, points of weakness and realization of all numbers and plans on the ground. 

* Projects Layout Design and Business Planning

We know how to maximize our clients budget and right on the beginning stage we are building a Project Layout which will simulate the maximum distance and progress that the projects can go with its current budget, correct business planning and project schedule can allow its owners to calculate almost certainly the beginning of income, the finance sources and the ROI points.

* Exploration and Browsing of current situation

In order to identify the best points for a successful operation and to reveal all the deepest secrets of the business, the location and the target market, we are using the best technologies available in the world today with the best manpower. 

* Recruiting, assigning and training of manpower 

The key to success in going through each and every one of the workers at site, we believe that a successful operation can not be achieved only based on its manager's skills. a company is a fragile structure built from many persons which are working together for one target. we are recruiting all the required manpower, we are assigning them and training them one-by-one, making them to become the best in their position in the operation. 


* Equipment assignment, delivery and allocating

Each project required its own special equipment, tools, machines and machinery. we understand that machines are mostly the project highest cost, its services, maintenance, spare parts and operators have a wide influence on their performance and on the projects total efficiency. 

with our links and experts, we can assign and allocate the correct equipment to every project, to test it and to deliver it to its client in order to keep on cost effective price and high efficiency.

* Consultancy Center

A full department of the most skilled manpower in our company are at your service, 24/7/365 over the phone, by the internet and if necessary - right at your site, we are here to solve any problem, to share our advises and knowledge with you and to send you all the support you need.  

Your problem is our problem! from mechanical teams, technical teams, engineering teams, operators, geologists, surveyor, evaluators and more, all available for your operation in short notice. 

* Logistical assistance

As we are aware of all of our clients projects, list of equipment and the required spare parts, we are offering a supply of any equipment spare parts and special tools right over to your site. we know the value of the time schedule during operation and we holding a special line of logistics aid to assist our clients in the fastest available way. 

* Production selling and trading

We are familiar with all of our clients and their production, we are offering our help to market, selling and trading with all produced materials.

JK Techno-Trade is holding contacts with some of the market greatest dealers and buyers, as well as the world major laboratories and evaluators enabling us to market, sell, trade and distribute almost all produced mineral easily and safely.

Construction and Civil Engineering

JK Techo-Trade is holding a dedicated department which specialized in construction works, civil engineering, roads in infrastructures and housing construction.

From its very first day in Africa back in 2007, we at JK Techo-Trade understood that the key to a successful project is lay on strong, solid and effective engineering works. 

The way to a successful construction project is not just a sustainable design with an attractive and functional building as the end product. 

Construction management is a deliberate and collaborative process, with a team dedicated to its safe and successful completion. To achieve this, we draw on our greatest assets – our people and our technology. Our team is experienced, as well as purposeful and passionate about making every construction project we tackle a memorable success. 

Since its establishment, JK Techo-Trade completed successfully various of engineering projects and challenges around the world in different scales and volumes. 

Please find below selected list from our recent involvement in some projects around the world:

* Airport control tower, Israel

* MAHFAS estate, Abuja, Nigeria 

* Solar power solution, Nassarawa state, Nigeria

* CCECC sand dredging, Lagos state, Nigeria

* RLJ estate, Monrovia, Liberia

* Erosion and Flood control protection, Gbah, Liberia

* Fish town - Harper road, Liberia

* Solar lighting systems, Colombo, Sri-Lanka

* Prefabricated houses, Male, The Maldives 

* Thermo power plant, Belarus

* The Nikolaev oil terminal renovation, Nikolaev, Ukraine

and many more.

The next time you are faced with a complicated renovation or are contemplating a new building, consider allowing JK Techo-Trade to become your construction partner.

With more than 15 years of experience Africa and more than 50 years of experience in the sector, we know how to analyze our claimer's needs and demands.​

Sectors of Engineering:

* Construction of buildings

* Prefabricated houses solution 

* Road Construction and repairment 

* Civil engineering works 

* Land reclamation, erosion and flood control 

* Environmental works

* Dredging 

* constructing of a factories 

* Energy related works

International Trading and Logistics

From the Source to the Client

We are committed to providing a variety of quality commodities, food, beverages medicines and more for our customers.

By using the world leading manufacturers and suppliers and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry.

Take a look at what we currently have to offer, and get in touch to order or learn more.

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Innovative and Special Technologies

Made in The Battlefield

JK Techno-Trade is a global source for a wide range of innovative technologies solutions, we are suppliers and integrators of defence related products and solutions to armies, militaries and governmental agencies.​

From infantry and special agencies thought Navy and Air-Forces, from Aerospace and intelligence agencies to police forces and special units. We are a provider of modern equipment, innovative technology, cutting-edge training and the best knowledge for different units around the world.

JK Techno-Trade is the official representative of some major defence traders and manufacturers together with our technical partners we are offering a state of the art solution to governments worldwide.

Our team consists of experienced consultants and former army, navy and air- force officers, each of whom brings his unique expertise to building significant solutions for our clients.

We understand that this model brings the best in the business world and ensures relevant and effective solutions, all of that under the client's most strict time tables quality demands and budget.​​​

Sectors of Defence:

* Modernization and Upgrades of fighting platforms:

- Modernization of Weapons (M-16 and AK-47/74) and other armaments 

- Upgrading of Aircrafts (Western F-series and Eastern SU - series, and Helicopters (Mi - series)

- Upgrading of Tanks (Eastern T - series)

- Converting of old missiles to new smart high-accuracy guided missiles


*  Establishment of Defence Factories and delivery of knowledge

- Establishment of Defence Products Factories and RDA (Research and Developments) facilities around the world.

- Modernization and Upgrading of AK-47 Factory and its related products

* Providing of Unmanned solutions: - Drones, Unmanned Vehicles and Robots

- Drones for Military and Civil use (attacking, surveillance, medical and rescue)

- UAV's for Attacking and Intelligence use 

- Unmanned Vehicles (Tanks, ATV's, 4X4 and more)

- Special Robots for different battle-field implementations 


* Training and Establishing of special units

- Special Forces courses 

- Anti-Terrorism units courses 

- Police and special police units courses 

- K-9 courses 

- Special Body Guards and  VIP protection

- Special sniping courses

- SWAT and riot control 

* Trading and supplying of assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, machine guns and ammunitions

- Supply of army and infantry weaponry and armament 

- Supply of special gear  

- innovative technologies (through wall radars, under door viewer)

- Scopes and sights 

- Special equipment (ropes, gliding, IR, )

- supply of new ammunitions and disposing of old ammunitions

Special Projects

Underwater and Marine works 

Together with our technical partner, We are offering our clients worldwide more than 40 years of experience in the field of marine and underwater works, underwater engineering operations and salvaging operations.

The company offers a wide range of solutions, using varied equipment - operated by a skilled and professional staff.
Together with our experts we owns a wide range of marine equipment, professional teams and sophisticated technologies which enables it to perform various activities independently as well as we are operating special and dedicated technical teams, consulting surveyors exerts to asses any marine project before and during the operation. 


Some of the services provided by JK TECHNO TRADE GROUP,

- Vessel maintenance - above and under water ships repairing - Port construction and repairing
- Rescue of drowned vessels, Salvaging
- Treatment of water reservoirs and sewage treatment facilities - Underwater surveys

- Underwater steel welding and cutting
- Underwater concrete drilling, cutting and concrete pour
- Construction and maintenance services for fish farms
- Maintenance and treatment of underwater communications cables
- Maintenance and repair of underwater fuel lines
- Ship’s hull cleaning (bottoms and walls) and polishing of propellers - Ship repairing

- Dredging 

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